The health risks of mesothelioma cancer

The health risks of mesothelioma cancer:

Occupational exposure to asbestos is the major risk factor for mesothelioma.
A past asbestos exposure exists in almost all cases listed. However, mesothelioma has been reported in some cases of individuals with no known exposure to asbestos.

Asbestos was widely used in many industrial products, including cement, brake linings, roof shingles, flooring, textiles, and insulation products. If tiny asbestos particles float in the air, especially during the manufacturing process, they may be inhaled or swallowed and cause serious health problems.
In addition mesothelioma, asbestos exposure increases the risk of lung cancer, asbestosis causes pulmonary fibrosis (non-cancer chronic disease), and other cancers, such as tumors of the larynx and kidney.
For one person the combination of smoking and asbestos exposure significantly increases the risk of developing cancer of the upper airway or bronchial carcinoma.
Apart from this particular case, smoking does not appear to increase the risk of mesothelioma. Some studies suggest that the simian virus 40 could act as a cofactor in the development of mesothelioma.

Exposure and asbestos cancer:

Professional sectors which led to asbestos exposure related to extraction units, and industries using asbestos because of its properties.
The extraction units
The manufacture of asbestos-based materials: cement manufacturing, textile asbestos, etc.
Insulation (in the building, in the manufacture of industrial furnaces, in the manufacture of heating and cooling equipment in shipyards) and lagging (flocking with products containing asbestos is banned in France since 1977)
The use of asbestos as protection against heat (gloves, aprons, cords, covers ) in various industries: shipbuilding, steel, foundry, glass, construction industry, etc.

Those who have worked directly with asbestos or asbestos products are most at risk of developing mesothelioma, however, mesothelioma has been reported in some individuals who have had minimal exposure.

Trades at high risk of developing mesothelioma cancer:

The carpenter in the field of iron
The builders of the vehicle chassis
Installers gas
Workers in the building
Contractors in construction
Manufacturers steel
Sheet metal workers

Since the ban of import manufacture and marketing of materials containing asbestos in France (Decree 96-1133 of 24/12/1996), it was the intervention of the existing materials containing asbestos which is the major concern, especially for all building professionals (asbestos removal work).

Home cooked meals that you can give your dog


Dogs, like humans, need a varied diet to have good health. However , many times the comfort made ​​our concern for their power is limited to commercial foods.

Like everyone else , the dog is tired of eating the same thing and I think always will be noticed how I get when it is treated as a single piece of something we eat at the time ( meat, bread, potatoes French fries , etc. . ) .

Despite how much I love eating these things , the truth is that all foods are recommended for them. That is why we have made a list of house dogs can eat cooked food without problems . Eye! Before changing your diet, consult with the veterinarian will recommend how to do it in the best way , no impact could affect the stomach .

The first meal is spinach tortilla . The high fiber content of spinach and egg proteins help improve your dog to control your weight and increase your energy.Yogurt is a food that will bring large amounts of protein and calcium. Dogs love anything that tastes like milk, then you’ll be happy when I get the chance . If you want, you can add banana chips , a fruit that contains a lot of potassium , fiber and electrolytes. Note that if you are lactose intolerant yogurt will do you good .

Nutrients that these products maintain the water balance and muscle strength . The amount you can eat depends on their size and age . It is therefore recommended that the larger breeds eat about 170 grams and small half breeds.

Some dogs may be more sensitive to certain foods like chicken , so to add to your diet is recommended only jet to cook with salt. When you retire , make sure it is cooked through. In any case , give it bones , as it will be buried in his stomach.

Fish, despite being more expensive, is a good source of omega -3, a product that will improve their hair and joints. The truth is that I hope we eat fish , but you can buy a cheaper one for him, and not notice the difference in flavor.

For dogs who have a few extra pounds, it is recommended to give them green beans because they are low in calories and high in fiber . With a single cup , this food your pet will feel very satisfied. Carrots are another vegetable that can help your puppy because it contains vitamin A, good for skin and coat dog and vitamin B , which increases energy and metabolism.

Now , if your dog is struggling to ” go potty ” it is recommended that you include in your diet chopped apple . In addition , it will help clean your teeth and freshens breath . It is important to remove the center , because the seeds that you may be toxic.

Lastly, a good fruit salad will bring many benefits , because they contain large amounts of vitamin C and fiber while being low in calories. Melon and strawberries are ideal , not the grapes can cause kidney failure . You must give one or two times a week, because they contain a lot of sugar in it .

Remember to always wash all fruits and cooked food to avoid any stomach problems for your dog. The best for your pet is trying to make a power mixture. You must not leave the food business , and also helps reduce the teeth. Remember to check your pet’s dietary changes with a veterinarian. And more balanced diet is your friend , the better you feel .


how to find healthy foods choose Salmon


It can be difficult when you are dieting , to find healthy foods that you really want to eat . Depth there are tons of diet foods on the market , but are admired and often don ‘ t very good taste. And you know that because of his “re busy they don ‘ t fresh material on them . You don ‘ t want to due bite assemblages and vegetables for the rest of his life , but also want to eat a healthy balanced diet , you should turn . To add protein and flavor, why not try a diet of smoked salmon ?
If you’ve been dieting for years , little or clothes to prove its time to step back and reevaluate your plan. Many plans do Aught for you, now based on the ways that have little scientific evidence to support Salmon Diet . Others have even more weight gain ! Smoked Salmon Diet is different is the level of its n not Salmon Diet, or diet. This is a spiritually healthy way to center based in a protein that is delicious and good for food , and a silver chicken or tofu senile common good Salmon Diet . Rather than proscribe what you eat, you are willing to put a good healthy start .
Smoked salmon is an ideal food for many reasons , the first is , of course , taste . The luxurious and decadent flavors or smoked salmon are downright knock your socks off Salmon Diet , especially after years of dry flavor and artificial diet . It tastes the same extent it must be bad for you, but it is not! In fact Salmon Diet, part of three ounces of smoked salmon has less calories than the same serving of chicken! Smoked salmon is also full of omega three fatty acids important for heart health . All this adds up to a large system of smoked salmon tasting Salmon Diet .
There are many recipes that can be enjoyed with smoked salmon regime . Why not use a rice cake instead of a bun arrest a new twist on the classic combination of smoked salmon and bagel senescence . Obviously , having a white rice cake , and cover with a thin layer of fat-free cream cheese Salmon Diet . Above this layer, a part of the quiet room of meat, and the finer detail of the onion. You can also add some capers for some peeling. What is more , add a thin layer of smoked salmon, and go. This is a great and easy snack that is hard to please !
There are plenty of dining options , and when you follow the diet of smoked salmon. Need something in an instant? Why not wrap the hot smoked salmon steamed asparagus . You have a little more time ? Make some whole wheat pasta of your choice Salmon Diet, dress lightly with oil and sprinkle generously with slices of smoked salmon.
The smoked salmon diet is a great way to lose weight without having to give up the foods you love Salmon Diet . Using home smoked salmon, you will be able to stay on your diet ! You won ‘ t even remember you are on a diet with all the delicious food to enjoy Salmon Diet!

How to have a good intestinal flora?

FLORA: role

Tolerance and protection :

At birth, the digestive tract of a child is completely sterile . Bacteria colonize quickly and make up the intestinal flora . This first ” dust” of nitrobacteria and lactic bacilli , and enriched with more than 400 different bacterial genera and colonize the gastrointestinal tract .

For metaphor used by science journalist , “Take the world’s population is multiplied by twenty thousand, and get an idea of withe amount of people who live in the large intestine. “

To maintain this balance allows the plant to take in respect of pathogenic bacteria , harmful outside (food, water) to ensure proper absorption of nutrients ( vitamins and minerals) , to complete the digestion residues ( fermentation , putrefaction ) .

Immune intestinal occupies two seemingly contradictory : to accept the existence of the intestine to proteins of Foreign Affairs ( those of food eaten ) and is a nurse plant bacterial its own, and must protect the intestinal mucosa against micro-organisms that cause diseases that cause disturbances that everybody knows . It is still and always a great example of the balance of wellness.

Previously, it was believed that it is impossible to rebuild the destroyed plants , and the arrival of live lactic upset this belief :

” The character is survival for preservation and survival , in part through the digestive system to exercise influence metabolism in the gut ” (from scientific research and CFOS Intec the lactic ) .

FLORA: imbalances and their causes

Intolerance and aggression

Swallow guest undesirable ( rotavirus ) for water or food , antibiotics , anti-inflammatory malnutrition , stress, (sugars fast , diets meat) or foods consumed we are not tolerant , and a lot can eat bacteria probiotic reason alone restore intestinal flora .

This simple procedure associated with a healthy diet , cleanse perforated intestine or colon prevent the notorious ” leaky gut ” than whites . Is the scourge of the mucosa, porous papers entry of body wastes and toxins and excess liver caused (liver) .

Many scientists agree on exploring this route to a place among some skin disorders ( eczema) , and autoimmune disorders ( allergies, and Cohn’s disease ) .
A defect in the transfer of plants affected populations increasingly good or bad bacteria swarm for the lack of absorption of nutrients ( refined foods , and meat) , and the lack of fruits and vegetables and fiber , probiotics and lack of vital materials .

FLORA: What do you do ?

Balance and comfort

1.The probiotics :

Lactic acid bacteria , and organisms have in common for the production of lactic acid. They are found in fermented milk and other dietary supplements. They are capable of re- seeding of the intestinal flora speeding.

    Nitrobacteria (B. bifid ) is the first colonization of the cecum and colon bacteria a few days after our birth. At present there are about thirty species . Needs a protective role of nitrobacteria in diarrhea to be confirmed by a study conducted by IRA again . Nice work of nitrobacteria immunity results in increased phagocyte activity terminal. B. Combining chapped and L. Acidophilus reduces the frequency of pelvic inflammatory bowel (extracted from scientific research in Intec of lactic him Floss ) .

    Bacilli lactic ( L. acidophilus , L. Bulgaria , S. Thermopiles ) lactic acid and produces more living nitrobacteria in the absence of oxygen ( anaerobic ) . Naturally occurring lactobacilli in the intestines of humans , which is able to prevent various types of diarrhea, and reduce the incidence of fungal infection through the promotion of a protective barrier of the intestinal flora . Recent investigations have shown the ability of L. Acidophilus to lower cholesterol levels in the blood by increasing the absorption of bile with increased secretion.

Milk causes-prostate cancer

Milk causes prostate cancerIn recent years, several studies investigating the link between dairy products and prostate cancer. Although the picture seems clearer and it seems to point to an association, some studies contradict again.

Multiple causes and unfamiliar

In Canada, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Its causes are multiple and poorly understood. Some risk factors have been identified, however, such as age, history of prostate cancer in the family and a diet rich in protein and fat, specifically saturated fat, both of animal origin.
Milk in the dock

Milk is also pointed since researchers in the C’s, have observed a higher incidence of prostate cancer in populations drinking lots of milk.

Studies trying to determine not only if the milk increases the risk of prostate cancer, but also if other dairy products are involved. The constituents of dairy products such as calcium, vitamin D, proteins and fats are also studied. By cons, there is still no consensus on this issue.

In 2004, a research team analyzed 11 studies examining the link between prostate cancer and milk consumption. The results of this analysis raise concern: high milk consumption would increase by 68% the risk of developing prostate cancer!

Same story in 2005 for a meta-analysis that looked at 12 other studies: men consuming more dairy products and calcium were, respectively, 11% and 39% more likely to develop cancer prostate compared to those who consumed the least.

However, a third American meta-analysis from 2008 analyzed 45 studies and found no significantly higher risk for milk drinkers to develop prostate cancer.

Limitations of studies

Research protocols are often very different from one study to another, making it difficult to analyze the results widely. For example, each study has its own definition of what a serving of dairy products. Sometimes you do studied as milk, sometimes adding yogurt and cheese, ice cream or butter. Difficult to draw accurate conclusions.

In addition, it is not all studies evaluating the different factors influencing the development of cancers such as obesity, age, level of physical activity, smoking or consumption of fruits and vegetables.

What to think

It is not possible to say with certainty that milk and dairy products play a role in the development of prostate cancer. However, several studies suggest a link. The Canadian Cancer Society suggests that milk and dairy products are a possible risk factor in the development of prostate cancer. It was not until more data before making recommendations in this regard.

Milk and alternatives and health

Milk substitutes and calcium are necessary for healthy aging.

In Canada, more than two out of three Canadians do not consume the recommended by Canada’s Food Guide least in terms of milk and alternatives.

Consumption of 2 servings of milk and alternatives each day for adults 19-50 years is a great way to get the calcium your body needs to build strong bones. It is also found in a variety of other foods such as broccoli, Chinese cabbage, tofu, canned salmon or almonds. Although osteoporosis is less common in men, it affects all the same 1 in 8 men after 50 years!


Lung cancer and pleura

Lung and pleura

Major cancers due to asbestos include primary lung cancer (lung cancer) and primary cancer of the pleura (mesothelioma).
The lung cancer

It develops in the majority of cases from the coating bronchus (or bronchial epithelium).

It is a primary cancer (which originated in the lung) and not a secondary cancer (metastasis to lung cancer came from another organ).

The four major lithological types are: squeamish cell carcinoma (50% of cases), adenoma (30% of cases), large cell carcinoma and small cell carcinomas. Physicians include the first three forms under the term non-small cell carcinomas (as opposed to small cell carcinomas) because of the similarity of treatment based primarily on surgery (removal of one or more lobes of the lung lobotomy) . The small cell cancer in turn is sensitive to chemotherapy, but it is a cancer that is rapidly changing.

In a person exposed to asbestos, the risk of having lung cancer is greatly increased when smoke. Tobacco associated with asbestos has a multiplier effect in triggering cancer.

This risk is also higher in people already suffering from pulmonary fibrosis (asbestosis).

The main telltale signs of lung cancer are in decreasing order of frequency: a new persistent cough, weight loss, a recent shortness of breath, chest pain recently emerged, blood in sputum …

These signs are not specific. They may have causes other than cancer. It is therefore not sufficient to make a diagnosis, but they should encourage them to consult a doctor.

The scanner, which is far more accurate than radiography, often allows to identify lung nodules. The majority of these nodules (90%) are benign, that is to say non-cancerous. But large nodules and / or irregular shape must be considered suspect. The line generally taken by physicians is: alert and followed by regular scanners when the nodule has a size between 5 and 10 mm; Quick action over 10 mm.

In the current state of knowledge, we can recommend to someone who has been exposed to asbestos to a CT scan every three years.

How to recognize brain cancer?

Whether Benin or malignant brain cancer causes similar symptoms. These vary mainly depending on the location of the brain tumor.

Know that brain cancers are on the rise over the past twenty years, probably for environmental reasons.

     Brain cancer: benign or malignant brain tumors are dangerous
     What are the symptoms of brain cancer?
     Some precautions are necessary

Brain cancer: benign or malignant brain tumors are dangerous

As with many other tumors, brain cancer can be Benin (bit aggressive and localized) or truly cancer, with a risk of spread to nearby tissues.

However, brain cancer, even benign, have the distinction of being dangerous, in that they can affect brain function simply by compressing the surrounding tissues (vision, hearing, memory ).

What are the symptoms of brain cancer?

That brain cancer is malignant or Benin, it can manifest itself in the same way. Symptoms vary and may be chronic (permanent) or intermittent.

The most characteristic symptom of brain cancer is the occurrence of recurrent headaches, especially painful when lying down.

Other symptoms depend on the location of brain cancer:

     Nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning.
     Dizziness and lightheadedness.
     Impaired vision or hearing.
     Behavioral disorders (loss of coordination, numbness, weakness ).
     Difficulty concentrating, memory problems, confusion.
     Of mood and personality.
     Sometimes seizures.

The virtues of Nigella oil

the information that the middle name of both the age and origin of this doubt . The black bean oil is traditionally used in beauty products for skin care , but also raises , in many cases , its therapeutic properties , such as argan oil .What Nigella sativa oil ?

This is an oil made ​​of black cumin seeds . Fact, has more than 40 natural ingredients that researchers explore gradually , but intuitively already used in antiquity.

Egyptians used them as we do today in the care of the skin, and is also used in cooking.A soothing and renewalIt is for his calm and renewal is used in cosmetics , shampoos and soaps for skin care and hair.This is the effect of oil moisturizing , soothing and protective. It nourishes and prevents the action of free radicals.

In fact , black seed oil helps strengthen devitalized hair , soothes skin clean and also allows soothe sunburns and burns. Sets the action itself interesting against acne pimples .He noted that this is the beauty in everyday life , but also for skin and hair problems specific .Black seed oil for skin beautyIt is effective in many skin problems : skin against dry , chapped skin, but also eczema , psoriasis or acne . This is because the properties of hydration and cleaning procedure.Black seed oil is also effective in preventing skin problems : consumed in capsule give more light to the skin.

Typically , skin care , and is used in domestic and massage. It is often found as an additive in the manufacture of traditional Aleppo soap , which combines the effects of these traditional soap with moisturizing oil Nigel and effectiveness.Black seed oil for hair

It is used for its regenerative properties and reform against hair loss . It becomes possible that the tone of the scalp, and thus stimulate hair follicles to promote re-growth and reduced capillary fragility .Used in shampoos mixed (either in the preparation or regular shampoo contain oil adds latency ) and massage oil and coconut oil .

It also assigns a property to reduce or delay hair aging , for domestic use (Capsules fat).Finally , current research focuses on the therapeutic properties of black seed oil , among other things , for rheumatism and arthritis.

In fact , this incredible oil wealth also be useful for the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract and digestive system.For an amazing treat !

Tips to lose weight without dieting

Tips to lose weight without dieting

Do you think the title is a joke ? No, in this article we want to show that the regime is not the only option for weight loss . You ‘All see that change certain lifestyle habits can reduce your weight and , better yet , of course.

Many times, the diet is very complicated if your body needs specific care , as in the case of diabetes or other food causes. But from now on , you must change your lifestyle which details not paid attention before, but now I know what they are and how you can reverse . Pay attention to each of them .
1 – Dilute juice

So before taking packaging to dilute the juice, place half of water to dilute . In this way , you can reduce up to 85 calories per cup.
2 – Use the handset

Tips to lose weight without dieting

Do you think this board does not make sense, but we were so excited. What happens is that when you talk on the phone , rather than lying down or watching TV , you get to wash clothes , burning 68 Cal. , When you set the table , burning 85 Cal. Watering plants helps you burn 102 Cal. You did not know ?
3 – chewing gum

If you chew gum , we’re talking about those who are sugar, and if you do it for a good part of the day helps to increase your metabolism by 20%.
4 – Paying for gifted sweets

Tips to lose weight without dieting

If someone gives you a sweet, put a coin 10 centimes in a boat. Then, with this money, you can donate or give it to someone in need. In this way, it will cost you more than taking candy given because they pay a price for them.
5 – Studying the packaging

You can do it with candy and food in general, which is packed . At first glance, a sweet or a chocolate calories that tells you the package, but those who bring two portions have twice as many calories . Pay attention to what you eat .

Automatic feeders for cats


Surely more than once , we had to ask a family member or friend to take care of the cat while we were a long weekend or several days, or have stopped going out , careful not to let your pet alone . 

The truth is that the market for several years, many models of automatic feeders and waterers for cats. Dispenser is programmable to feed our cat specific times to receive your portion of food.

 Most of them come with batteries, but there are others who are charged with electricity.
 The latter option can be highly recommended for cats who like to play with the cables.

 According to the magazine , you can add the wet or dry food food , paying particular attention to this , because the wet food often go bad after a while. I would use it only for dry skin , and I think I have to worry anymore about it. But it is certainly a very useful to have in mind in case you want to go for a few days , without neglecting our cat food accessory.